J & M (June 2009)    

"We had had our house on the market for a couple of years as a result of the passing of our son. We needed to make new dreams come true, but were unable to move on and sell this house. I say house, as it now longer felt like our home without our son Luke. Things were building up, pressures, we just weren't sure what was happening, but not by chance we met the lady at Magicallity and she gave us your name.

 I made an appointment to come out and see you. We told you about not being able to sell our house and you told us what the reason was. We had already left the house in our hearts, and now the house was empty, there was no love in it and people felt that when they walked in to inspect the house.

 You advised me to 'clean' the house and to sing, dance and put love back into it, and that we would sell it in 3 weeks.

 I bought some sage smudging grass, burnt that in the mornings before we left home, danced around all the rooms, remembering the lovely family things that we had in that house. And... we sold it in three weeks, to a great couple that were very accomodating with timing for us to move out etc. It was like a miracle to us at the time.

 Thank you Susan for the guidance then and now".


Dec 2009    

"I first met Susan in March 2004, just two days after I bought a New Age business, called Magicality, that had been struggling financially. I had never run a business before....ever, and knew nothing about what my business did or sold. My reading with Susan was amazing. She told me that my business would be very successful and that it was a karmic situation for me. What ever the out come, I was exactly where I was supposed to be! Except that if she had just bought a business and the cards came up for her that came up for me, she would be buying a bottle of Moet! Also that I would have two shops and there was something about Noosa about it all. All I could think at the time was "Oh My God - I am in more debt than I can imagine, running a business I know nothing about and this crazy woman tells me I will have two shops....."

 Well, in August 2006 - 2013, I asked her to walk past a shop I had my eye on and see what she picked up from it. She walked past it and just about nodded her head off. In October 2006 - 2013 we moved our little business four doors down the street into a perfect larger shop with an amazing window display, tall ceilings, an awesome staircase that everyone wants to climb up, and an upstairs area special enough to have readings, healings and workshops in, all with the most glorious sense of positive energy being created and maintained in it. To top it all off, the land lord is a dream to deal with and the neighbours are great.

 The move to the larger shop actually left me with two years of lease left on the little shop and after moving to the new shop and setting it all up - a friend said to me "where are you going to put the clothes you sell. There is no space left in the new shop?". Well from that comment, two weeks later we opened a clothing shop called "Magicality - clothing your inner soul" and before I knew it - YES I HAD TWO SHOPS! Never planned but an amazing journey for the year that I maintained the two businesses before selling the clothing shop. The Noosa inference makes sense too. Anyone who visits my space knows that I could pick it up and pop it down in Hastings St Noosa and it would fit in very nicely - just we don't have Noosa prices and we have regular customers instead of tourists so we get to enjoy creating friendships with people who come to enjoy our space.

 Over the years, Susan has read for me at least once per year and each time she has given me the courage to step up with confidence and believe in myself and the universe around me. Often her readings are confirmation of what I already have visualised or dreamed about and this reinforces the power of my own knowing.

 Now we have the pleasure of having Susan Skyring visit Magicality two or three times a year to do platform work and readings. I never advertise that she is coming, as we always have many many names on the list for readings with her.

 Susan's contact with spirits of people who have passed over, always has a profound effect on those still living when they have been to see her. In my husbands first and only reading ever, he spent some time in the previous weeks before his reading with Susan, asking his mother to come through to him. His mother passed away when he was a teenager and although I have never asked the finer details, I do know that his time spent with Susan and his mother on that day answered a lot of questions for him.

 Word of mouth creates our list of bookings and Susan's truth and honesty is what people have come to love about her.

 I thank her with all my being and urge anyone who is reading this to meet her. She will change your world!"


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